Custom Residential Projects

Throughout her careeer Catherine Nasmith has had at least one residential project on the boards. While at Young + Wright Architects she managed the majority of the firms custom residential projects, ranging from a table design to an all new house for Rick and Pat Howard that was published in the American magazine, Interior Design.
Client List: 
Robert Allsopp (house and cottage)
Jim and Pat Bullock (Y+W)
Dino Chiesa (house)
Jack and Beverly Creed (table)
Donna Crossan and David Zimmer(Y+W)
Michael Freedman and Shirley Josephs
Said Habib and Nella Fiorino
Peter Henniger
Rick and Pat Howard (Y+W)
Leith Hunter and David Rounthwaite
Miller Family, (kitchen alteration)
Doug and Sherry Dougherty (house)(Y+W)
David and Bonnie Goldstein (house and cottage)(Y+W)
Paul Morton (cottage)
Kurt McWilliam Dana Dramnitzke
Drs. Jim and Louise Nasmith
Mary Ellen Pennal (addition) (Y+W)
Lynn and Skip Sigel, (house and cottage)(Y+W)
Deena and Michael Sigel (house and cottage)(Y+W)
Kathryn Tate and Martin Lewis
Michael and Jackie Shulman (house and cottage) (Y+W)
Bruce and Joan Wither (house)
Michael Vaughan (cottage alteration)

Ontario Association of Architects Residential Award for D+M Sigel Cottage (Y+W)
North York Urban Design Award, Howard Residence (Y+W)
Interior Design
City and Country Home
Cottage Life
Globe and Mail
Muskoka Magazine
Toronto Star